Sandra L Corless
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 Sandra Corless
Sandra Corless

     Fine Art Photographer & Digital Artist

Sandra Corless, a resident of Corrales, NM, is an award winning fine art photographer and digital artist. While she is committed to experiencing art in one form or another every day, photography is her passion which provides pure joy as well as a medium for self-expression. Her photographs of flower portraits have become known for their modern graphic style and striking color. Sandra's images are described as being "very painterly" in their appearance.
“The natural world is my passion and provides inspiration for my photography. While I appreciate those breathtaking views, it is Nature on an intimate level that I find most fascinating. Right now I am exploring and creating limitless imaginary environments where beautiful colors and forms look like paintings. My current work is clearly influenced by abstract Expressionism artists like Georgia O'Keeffe whom I have admired for years. The resulting photographs become sculptures of light, texture, and dimension that celebrate the physical and spiritual grace found within the simplest elements of Nature.”

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